Hard Had Zip Outs Ear Plugs

Hard Had Zip Outs Ear Plugs

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ZIP-OUTS™ let you attach ear plugs to your hard hat for easy access on the job. ZIP-OUTS™ use 3M peel-and-stick adhesive. Simply peel the backing off of the ZIP-OUTS™ strip, and then stick the ZIP-OUTS™ strip to the interior of your hard hat so that the ear plugs just barely stick out of the back of your helmet. Attaching ZIP-OUTS™ is quick and easy; the entire process takes literally only a few seconds! These ZIP-OUTS™ use PermaPlug reusable ear plugs with NRR 25 hearing protection.

Once your ZIP-OUTS™ ear plugs are attached to your hard hat, they are extremely easy to use. While wearing your hard hat normally, reach back and pull on the ear plugs, which are tethered via a string line, until you have enough slack to comfortably insert the ear plugs into your ears. When you are finished, just remove the ear plugs from your ears, remove the hard hat, and use the ZIP-OUTS™ strip's built-in zipper to zip the plugs back up into place.

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